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Wayward Kindred

Editor: Allison O'Toole

Assistant Editors: Ashanti Fortson and Kat Vendetti


"Grounded" by Casey Blandford, Val Wise, DJ Chavis, and Nikki Powers

"Ill Will" by Sunita Balsara and Katie Hicks

"The Egret Widow" by Goldie Shen, Joyce Chau, and Nikki Powers

"From the Ground Up" by K. Kelsay and Nikki Powers

"Sap and Seed" by H. Pueyo and Dante Luiz

"Cursed Uncle Teoscar" by Meaghan Carter

  • Reviewed over 400 pitches and portfolios

  • Assisted in curating lineup of 17 stories

  • Managed 6 teams of writers and artists

  • Edited 6 comics through each stage of production

  • Proofread final proofs

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